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Throwing things in the trash is not always the correct choice. Many of your household cleaners, FOG, fluorescent bulbs, paint and electronics need to be properly disposed of either through calling for doorstep pick up or by dropping them off at a Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

Doorstep Pick-Up Service

The Cities of Roseville and Auburn, SPMUD, and Recology Auburn Placer provide free pick-up service for FOG, as well as electronic waste and batteries in some areas. Residents simply call to schedule a pick-up time at their home. Pick-ups can occur as often as once a month.

Contact your sewer service provider to learn more about services in your community:

Roseville: 916-774-5780

Auburn: 530-885-3735 (Recology Auburn Placer)

SPMUD Customers (Rocklin, Loomis, Penryn and Newcastle):

Lincoln: 916-434-2450

Other Items Accepted for Pickup (each city is different so call for details)

Electronic Waste

  • E-waste such as televisions, computers, computer monitors and printers
  • VCR’s, stereos, cell phones, telephones and radios

Automotive Waste

  • Motor oil and filters, automotive batteries

Cooking Fats, Oils and Grease

  • Must be sealed in a plastic container and marked


  • Water heaters
  • Printer cartridges

Universal Waste Items

  • Common household batteries and button batteries like those found in hearing aids
  • Fluorescent tubes and bulbs and other mercury-containing lamps (find out what to do if a fluorescent light tube breaks)
  • Older thermostats that contain mercury
  • Electrical switches and relays
  • Pilot light sensors
  • Mercury gauges
  • Mercury added novelties like greeting cards that play music when opened
  • Mercury thermometers

Preparing Your FOG for Pick-Up

  1. All cooking fats, oil or grease should be allowed to cool to room temperature
  2. Place cooled fats, oils or grease in a clear plastic container with a screw on lid
  3. All containers should be clearly marked “food grease” on the outside of the container
  4. Containers should only contain cooking related fats, oils and grease and no other material such as food scraps, water, or garbage

Containers that are not clearly marked, or that contain garbage or other material, will not be picked up.

The City of Roseville will accept up to seven gallons of fats, oils and grease per scheduled pick-up.

Recology Auburn Placer will accept up to five gallons of FOG or automotive fluids.

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