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Ever think about your sewer system? No? No surprise there. Most people don’t give it a second thought. Out of sight and out of mind is the way we like it… right? Of course, yes, but totally out of mind could be costly in the long run. Here’s why:

“Living sewer smart” is thinking about your actions when it comes to disposing household things down your drain…like your cooking fats, oils and grease (FOG). Dumping your FOG down the sink eventually leads to a thick build up in your home’s sewer system, which can clog your sewer pipes. These clogs can lead to sewage backing up inside your home or on your property. YUCK…and costly in both time and money!

Sewage spills can create a stinky mess in your home and be extremely expensive to clean-up. In some cases, substantial back-ups can lead to sewage draining down the curb and into the stormwater system that can contaminate nearby creeks. In addition, household FOG leads to increased maintenance of the public sewer systems and ultimately higher customer sewer fees.

The LiveSewerSmart initiative is a collaborative effort between the Cities of Auburn, Lincoln, Roseville and Placer County. Our mission is to help our community by educating our residents about the consequences of what we put down our drains, which ultimately helps protect our environment and helps home owners save money.

After visiting LiveSewerSmart.com we hope you understand that all of the water used in your home (sinks, showers/tubs, washing machines, dishwashers etc.) is connected to a public sewer system and that the treated sewage, called effluent, returns to nearby creeks and streams or is used for irrigation of parks and golf courses. It is important that we all do our part to LiveSewerSmart, so please visit the other pages and learn about free and proper disposal of Fats, Oils,& Grease (FOG), Medicines and Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW).

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