Beware of Franky, Olivia, and Gary

Several usual suspects are up to no good, causing trouble in the sewer system. Some know them as FOG – for Fats, Oils, and Grease. We know them in Placer County as Franky, Olivia, and Gary.

Outside of the sewer system, this trio is fine. But inside it? They find their way inside the plumbing system, usually through your kitchen sink, and start wreaking havoc by staying inside pipes.

They will tell you “no problem, we’re small” or “we’re cool.” But  when they’re cool is when the criminal activity begins! They can back up a sewer system, causing overflow into our homes, streets and environment.

Keeping Franky, Olivia, and Gary out!

You can do three things to ensure these crooks don’t create problems in your home or neighborhood:

  • Scrape greasy pans and dishes into the trash before washing
  • Use sink strainers to catch food items and empty them into the trash
  • Pour FOG into a sealable, non-breakable container and take advantage of one of the available free FOG disposal options

Free FOG disposal: Cease the grease and make sure these culprits are put in their proper place

Free pick-up service for FOG is available from Lincoln and Roseville, SPMUD, and from Recology Auburn Placer for customers in the Cities of Colfax and Auburn and in some areas of unincorporated Placer County. Call to schedule a pick-up time at your home.

  • Roseville: (916) 774-5780
  • Auburn: (530) 885-3735 (Recology Auburn Placer)
  • Colfax: (530) 885-3735 (Recology Auburn Placer)
  • Unincorporated Placer County (Recology Auburn Placer)
  • SPMUD: (916) 786-8212 (Rocklin, Loomis, Penryn and Newcastle)
  • Lincoln: (916) 434-2450

Free drop-off locations for FOG are available to those who don’t live in an area where pick-up service is available.

Before disposing of FOG, lock them up!

  • All cooking fats, oils, or grease should be allowed to cool to room temperature.
  • Place cooled fats, oils, or grease in a clear plastic container with a screw-on lid.
  • All containers should be clearly marked “food grease” on the outside of the container. Containers should only contain cooking-related fats, oils, and grease and no other material such as food scraps, water, and garbage.